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PC to Phone Installation Steps

Step 1: Download PC Soft Dialer from our website

Step 2: Click on Soft Phones --> Click on PC Soft Phone Dialer--> Download PC Soft Phone Dialer

Step 3: Click on SAVE

Step 4: Save Takhatob.msi on Desktop

Step 5: Double click on Takhatob.msi saved  on your Desktop

Step 6: Click on Next

Step 7: Click on Next (Select Everyone- “Install Takhatob for yourself, or anyone who uses this computer)


Step 8: Click on Next

Step 9: Click on Close

Step 10: Double Click on Takhatob Dialer Icon on your Desktop

 Step 11: Enter your Login Details (Username and Password)--> Click Login


 Step 12: Make Takhatob VoIP calls by dialing through Keypad.